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Ottawa Hybrid Dentures 

Hybrid dentures replace the complete arch of teeth, and are supported by dental implants. They are different from normal full arch dentures in that they replace missing tissue as well as teeth through the use of pink, gum colored materials without taking too much space and restricting the palate. Hybrid dentures offer the stability of supported by implants, and enable patients to do away with full dentures.

These types of Implant Dentures, require dental implants to hold them firmly in place. The exact number of implants needed can vary from individual to individual, but  in cooperation with the dental surgeon we will be able to advise you of how many you need after carrying out a full mouth assessment.

These types of Implant Denture are held in place by implant and can be patient or practitioner removable depending on your choice.

Contact us, to see if a hybrid dentures might be a good option for you.

Would you benefit from

Hybrid Dentures?

  • If you have lost substantial amounts of jaw bone as a result of wearing traditional denture for a long period of time.
  • A good solution for patients who have lost teeth due to trauma which resulted in loss of bone tissues.
  • Patients who currently have dentures that shift around, are unstable, and cause problems while you speak or eat.
  • Patients who want fixed dentures, giving you a younger look by using the technology to support cheeks and lips, thus increasing self-confidence.

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