• Are you feeling discomfort?
  • Can you chew efficiently and effectively?
  • Wanting to Check If your dentures are intact?
  • Can you feel or see anything abnormal? (cracks or loose teeth)
  • Would you like to check your oral hygiene? and make sure everything is perfect in the mean time?

Annual Checkup (Recall & Recare)

It is critical to maintain your dentures to ensure comfort, appearance and chewing efficiency. An annual checkup is an opportunity to identify problems and possibly save you money and trouble in the future.

In addition, an annual checkup is critical to determine and prevent oral health. Also, the structure of your mouth changes every year, so an annual check-up is very important to ensure proper fitting dentures.

Why is the Recare Appointment Neccessary?

  • Over time the structure and tissues of your mouth changes. Thus it’s important to get it checked out since the structure of your mouth changes but your dentures stay the same.
  • Updating dental and medical history is crucial for quality denture treatment
  • Dentures that have been worn out, can cause improper fit and bite which can lead to more problems to come.
  • We will check for cracks, chips, scratches, and worn or loose teeth

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